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WAM Branding

Hi, friends! I thought it would be fun to make a Brandboard for Wandering Awake Media or “WAM” and share some of my inspirations behind the look. This particular project went through many renovations before it became what it is now: very bright and whimsical with a bullet journal/fun desk vibe. This look really captures my personality and style better than my original ideas. But it just goes to show, creative projects evolve over time, and nine times out of ten, what you end up with will look very different from what you started out with.

We have to try all the wrong things first in order to know what’s right!

Take a look at the designs that didn’t make the cut:

The first concept: 80’s inspired and a nod to the digital world I grew up in! I still think this is cool and may use it someday!

But I felt the 80’s vibe was a bit too busy for me so then I tried something more minimal and light:

The second concept: A sunset and minimalism inspired look. I still love this and may use it for something else!

Lastly, I went super minimal and stripped the look of the site down to the bare-bones with this concept:

The third concept: Very minimal and clean. This is almost what I did before I settled on the one I have now. I had fun making the logo!

And then finally, I came up with what I have now. It really just came out of nowhere and I think was originally inspired by the look of highlighted words…I think it was actually from the website that used neon buttons and navy backgrounds! And lilac and neon just really appealed to me!

This look features handwritten, cursive font for the written logo, bold, serif uppercase font for the “W”, and modern, uppercase sans serif font for the basic text. The colors are edible, cool-tone pastels + dark navy/teal and a huge pop of highlighter neon yellow. For the “W” logo I went with something classic…a bold “W” ensconced by two, sweet little plants that give it a feminine vibe.

I find that a branding project doesn’t really come to life until I start making Instagram/social media graphics for it. That’s where I can combine all the elements from the website and my moodboards to really capture the essence of the brand. Making social media graphics gives me an unlimited means in which to expand the brand and really have fun with it- and that’s what I enjoy most! =)

So that’s a little peak into this particular project! I’ll share more brandboards and inspirations in the future! Thanks for reading and keep on creating!

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